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The Programmable Web - some useful links

I'm starting my own commercial application - can't say too much other than it's going to be built from as much "off the shelf" code/components as possible to reduce the time to market. So I'm doing quite a lot of research into finding my "ingredients" - I'm sure they are out there and want to find them before I resort to rolling my own code and thought I'd post some links I've found.

Unfuddle - "Basecamp for developers. I've used Basecamp for nearly two years and like it a lot. It's got some issues but on the whole it's been stable, reliable and no bother to work with. However a colleague recommended Unfuddle as it offers a SourceCode repository (SVN or GIT) as part of its package so my new project is hosted at Unfuddle. Only scratched the surface with it but I like it - especially searchable wiki pages (notebooks) - unlike Basecamps "Writeboard" extension which are not indexed. - if you need to do anything with geo data, maps etc then this is a great API to start with, free for less than 20k hits a day, that's 600,000 a month! The bit that interests me is the custom POI's and layers.

Another great "stumble upon" from the High Scalibilty blog is PubSubHubbub (PSH) - polling things sucks especially in 2.0 land where you have api quotas and a "no hit" poll call becomes a serious waste of resources. Enter PSH - I love finding bits of stuff like this!

More links to discover what webhooks are...

I've got my AWS/SimpleDB account up and running and have LinqToSimpleDB to play. I have full Azure access too but I dunno what is making me shy away from it - odd really as I'm a Microsoft programmer and this project (at this point) is going to be C# as that's what I know best - I think I'm drifting into learning some new stuff (ruby/rails?) and I don't know why exactly!


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Walk-Thru: Using Wolfpack to automatically deploy and smoke test your system

First, some history... The advent of NuGet has revolutionised many many aspects of the .Net ecosystem; MyGet, Chocolatey & OctopusDeploy to name a few solutions building upon its success bring even more features to the table.

I also spotted that NuGet could solve a problem I was having with my OSS System Monitoring software Wolfpack; essentially this is a core application framework that uses plugins for extension (Wolfpack Contrib) but how to unify, standardise and streamline how these plugins are made available? NuGet to the rescue again - I wrapped the NuGet infrastructure (I deem NuGet to be so ubiquitous and stable that is has transcended into the software "infrastrucuture" hall of fame) with a new OSS project called Sidewinder. Sidewinder allows me to wrap all my little extension and plugins in NuGet packages and deploy them directly from the Wolfpack application - it even allows me to issue a new version of Wolfpack and have Wolfpack update itself, sweet huh?


Geckoboard Countdown Widget v2

v2 is here, now with added colours! This time using the RAG Numbers widget to display your date countdown - as you get nearer the date the number will change from green to amber then red.

The new url is:!
Note 1: notice the new /rag/ path and the msg querystring param.
Note 2: the original v1 url still works

To use this on your Geckoboard add a new "Custom Widget/RAG Numbers" widget. By default the number will turn amber at 10 or less days to go and red at 3 or less days to go however you can change these with the querystring (see below).

Required querystring params
date: "yyyy-mm-dd" format, this is the target date to countdown totz: timezone offset in hours from GMT that you are in. Can be negative if you are behind GMT
Optional querystring params
msg: the label that appears next to the number of days (remember to encode spaces as +). The default is "Days Remaining" if you…

Resharper add-in idea - highlight IDisposable vars

[Update 18th July 2013]
@RobGibbens and Greg Hurlman picked up on this - Rob pointed out that there is an FxCop rule that can do this and Greg suggested a Visual Studio extension. I've had a quick look at the Visual Studio options and it looks like an "Editor Extension" is a good fit....hmmm, Project New, click...doh...dammit I really don't have time for this but it looks a fun little diversion! I'll update here if I get anything working.

[Original Post]
Had an interesting idea for a Visual Studio Resharper add-in the other day but don't have the time to implement it so thought I would put it out might already exist (and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction) or someone will build it (Darren Voisey where are you?!).

The idea is very simple really - when you have a variable for an object that implements IDisposable it gets highlighted or a tell-tale is displayed to let you know it should be disposed or should be wrapped in a using sta…