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Messenger HomeHub

I'm in the process of planning my home automation and media centre setup for my new house and one of the problems I thought about on the train to work this morning was how to pervade my single MSN Messenger presence throughout my digital home.
Media Centre in living roomMedia Centre in bedroomMedia Centre in kitchenLaptop/TabletPC roaming wirelesslyWhy so many media centre installations? Well I could just use media extenders but I also want internet, office and IM capability where ever I am in the house.

The problem
I have multiple locations within my house to receive IM traffic but a single IM account on peoples contact list.

The solution
Create new Messenger accounts for each location (living room, bedroom, kitchen etc) and then write an application to act as a conversation "hub" - automatically forwarding the conversation to each individual location (possibly using presence information such as the status to help decide). Messenger HomeHub is born....

As a bonus this allows …