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OMM, omm, omm....

No, I've not taken up Gregorian Chanting but something that might bring inner peace and happiness from the boffins at Microsoft Research...Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) - download link below...

We are happy to introduce Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager 2.0. Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) brings the power of Microsoft Outlook to your portable device. OMM can prioritize your messages and makes smart decisions about when to send email. OMM also sends calendar reminders, task reminders, and an Outlook Today style daily summary all to your wireless devices.

System Requirements
OMM requires an Outlook client on an Exchange server. This system will not work with an Outlook client connecting to a non-Exchange server.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows XP
This download works with the following Office programs: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

E-mail Triage: Intelligent Message Prioritization
Mobile users can be overwhelmed by incoming messages on their dev…

Agile tools...Whiteboard Tablet!

I'm in the middle of introducing some agile processes into our team and the first thing to introduce was a large, double sided mobile whiteboard - it cost around £220 and the return on investment is immeasurable (I'm sure the die-hard project managers out there are sucking in breath at that!).

I'm a firm believer in the power of the "board" for promoting communication and collaboration. It's such an awesome tool to teach/memtor/learn from and it's superb for raising everyones game in an agile software development project - developers not normally used to standing up in front of the team are given the pens and a "well draw it up here so we can talk about it" prod - people not normally given to great articulation are starting to develop and hone this skill and it's a key skill required to deliver software.

However, I'm digressing as usual...the point (and title) of this post was to tell you about an idea I have had for a while around whitebo…