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Castle/Windsor schema enables Visual Studio intellisense

There has been a lot of noise recently about Inversion of Control (IoC) with .Net recently (stop sniggering at the back java guys!)....

I've been using IoC via the Spring.NET framework for over 2 years now - it's a completely different approach to coding and once you get your head around it everything just falls into place and development is a real joy again.

As I mention, Spring.NET is my framework of choice but a recent change in employer has seen me bump up against Castle/Windsor. First impressions are that I like it - it's not as powerful or feature rich as Spring but that's not always a bad thing! The one thing I did miss though was Visual Studio intellisense when editing the configurations - Spring has an online schema that can be associated with a Spring configuration. This got me thinking - if the VS intellisense can be hooked into that easily why not create one for Windsor configuration?

So I can download it from my new google code site here. Remember t…