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Introducing...Declarative Deployment Verification Tests (DDVT)

I'm reading Continuous Delivery (CD) at the moment and it's a thought provoking read and provides a great opportunity to reflect on your own deployment and delivery problems (oh come on, you have some too right?). A couple of recent deployment incidents of our own prompted me into action. 

Introducing "Declarative Deployment Verification Tests" - or DDVT
So what is this?
Essentially it boils down to approaching deployment scripts as you would a development task - test first - and places the responsibility of defining the deployment success on the developer, who as the person creating the software, should be best placed to understand it's deployment requirements. That's the basic premise - define the success of the deployment up front in the form of unit tests in your favourite test framework, write the deployment scripts - rinse and repeat until you have all greens from dev to production environments.
I believe the magic ingredient though is the 'declarative&…