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Showing posts from September, 2005

Round up

A quick round up of things I've encountered/installed/experienced etc over the last month or so - no time to delve into any of these as work is incredibly busy at the moment so here goes...

FolderShare (via Scott Hanselman)
Allows you to share files between computers seemlessly. A very small client is installed on each PC and all you have to do is nominate a folder on each PC (to create a library) and then drop some files into the folder and hey presto...they are synched across to the other PC. The great thing is that this works bi-directional over the web so home and work PCs can be in sync with out resorting to emailing or ftp....4/5

Media Centre
Hauppage Nova-T USB2 tuner
My MCE2005 setup had a single tuner so a bit of research on the web and I ordered a Hauppage WinTV Nova-T USB2 digiview tuner to compliment its PCI sibling I already had installed. Very simple installation using drivers from the Hauppage MCE support page and MCE picked up the second tuner no problem and configured …