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Sending MSN Messages from the Command Line

As part of my education on Continuous Integration and automated builds from the ground up I've been playing with CruiseControl & SDCBuild. As a consequence the project I'm working on has a slick automated build process with unit tests being run etc...I've not got as far as getting CruiseControl and code coverage in yet but it's early days but I've got some great help on tap from Howard.

I wanted to add a setup project to the .NET solution so yesterday evening I went to add the new setup project and the solution file was checked out...and the developer had left the office! Grrr!

It got me thinking - if I could MSN the guys on the project with messages at a scheduled time (eg: 17:30..."Check your code in!") and also be able to send them build progress messages from SDC scripts it would be cool!

So I wrote a little utility application to do this and you can download SendMSN binaries from here or full source code from here. It's a .NET console app that …

Outlook 2003 SMS Add-in

Larkware turned up this free Microsoft SMS addin for Outlook2003 that allows you to send (but not receive) text messages within the Outlook2003 client.

Great...except I can't get it to work with my C500 smartphone acting as the modem it requires to send the SMS - apparently the "Standard Modem over Bluetooth link" that the c500 provides to the PC does not support PDU format messages :(

As a freebie this would have been great to use - I'm not sure I send enough SMS's to warrant buying something like this software from Jeyo to do this although it's pretty cheap and gets good reviews....oh well!

What's in your mobile favourites?

So I got a new c500 and one of the tasks is re-establishing the favourites in Pocket IE - I think I had a few nifty ones in there to help run everyday life - what links do you have that you couldn't do without?

My "killer" link is for the train timetable - what's yours?

Any guesses on the number of "Mobile Naked News" I'll get?

PS: If you have a quick way of sync-ing IE favourites from desktop to mobile then could you enlighten me please?! I have a sneaky feeling that there is a special Favourites folder that gets replicated from IE to I on the right lines?


I had to get my hands on a c500 smartphone for myself, I just couldn't wait for my Orange contract to expire in 6 months so I upgraded my e200 at the weekend for £75...and the clincher was, TomTom Mobile works* on it!

So there I was Saturday morning idly scanning the pocketgps forums and low and behold...a forum posting on TomTom Mobile finally working on the c500....15 mintues later I had a c500 on order, ebay provided me with a good deal on the TomTom software (£189 inc P&P) with a 265mb mini-SD courtesy of Expansys.

So this morning it's all hooked up and working like a dream - This solution for SatNav is fantastic, I carry one device, my smartphone and it does everything you would need for the consultant/gadget man on the move,
Email, Calendar, Tasks via company Outlook Mobile Access or Local ClientIM with MSN MessengerWeb Browsing with PocketIESatNav with TomTom MobileSpeed camera locations inside TomTom with the PocketGPS Camera DatabaseWindows Media Player for music and…