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SendMSN - binaries build

Since I released the source code for SendMSN, a utility that lets you send a message to multiple MSN Messenger clients from the command line onto my ProjectDistributor site I've had quite a few requests for just the built version (exe).

So I've finally got round to putting a binaries only build up onto ProjectDistributor.

I originally wrote this for use in build scripts for instant notification of a failed build but there are many more uses I've heard it being put to - many applications offer a "Run External Command" feature and by using SendMSN they now have an Instant Messenger capability.

One such application is mControl - Windows Media Centre 2005 Home Automation application that I've had on trial recently and been really impressed with. It has a rich range of trigger and action functions and SendMSN would fit right to give you instant MSN alerts about security or any other aspect of your home automation installation.

As ever, any problems with the applicatio…

What does Vista MCE ("Diamond") look like?

Just watched this on Charlie Owens blog.

This is a tour of Windows Vista Media Centre (code name Diamond). I have to say that I'm mildly impressed but I believe that with "consumer" grade products like this (and by consumer grade I mean ready for Joe Public - no computer science degree required to operate) the proof is in the long term experience with the product; i.e does it become indispensible or did you get frustrated with it because of stability/reliability issues? "Eye-candy" stuff is great but if it forgets to record a TV program it will get the boot! I've been pleased with MCE2005 so working on the assumption this will be a "better" product I hope this will become a truely indispensible integral part of my home.

Great video though demonstrating the features and improvements and I can't wait to get some long term experience with it myself. I'm holding off buying a new media centre PC until "Diamond" is released.