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Tip: Fixing poor headphone socket connections

In the past week I've had a problem with the headphone connection on both my iPod AND my Smartphone - however the good news is that a very simple fix was required for both (hows that for some interop!)

I got an AirClick unit for my iPod so I didn't have to fiddle about with pulling the iPod out of my pocket/bag to skip the Phil Collins song playing (from my girlfriends music collection I might add) and its awesome, really impressed with it.

I've also just bought a Connect2 unit for my car to allow me to hook up the iPod direct to the car stereo using a 3.5mm headphone jack (I tried an iTrip on my girlfriends mini iPod and they suck)...and its cool having a wireless remote rather than an inline headphone remote as it I can remote control it in the car/house too! :) And with a 3.5mm to 2.5mm jack converter I can also plug in to my Smartphone for WMP 10 TV shows via my MCE/MyTVtoGo setup and also get TomTomMobile SatNav instructions

The Problem
iPod, well the AirClick unit that …

Must have Smartphone application, CityAlarms

Continuing on this theme of "must haves" - another application I recently installed is CityAlarms from

We all know the Smartphone built in alarm clock isn't exactly going to set the world on fire or even wake you up come to that if you've left you phone on silent profile after a meeting (has been done more than once!).

Bit of googling later and a scan of a couple of forum sites discussing alarm applications and I end up downloading the trial version of CityAlarms.

To cut a long blog short - after the trial expired I bought the application from Handango and here is why, Simple to use and worked flawlessly for the entire trial period (and to-date)Allows multiple alarms* Very flexible date/reoccurance settings - "weekday only" is one of them, ensures your lie in on Saturday morning isn't interrupted by your weekday work alarm* Allows you to override the phone volume/profile settings so regardless of whether you did leave it on the silent profile…