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I've been working on putting my SendMSN utility to use on our project build process and have created another utility for those of you that use the MBUnit framework to execute your unit tests. This new .NET console application parses the MBUnit XML results file (or console [info] output lines if using HTML output) and allows you to launch a command based on the success or failure of the unit tests.

This combined with SendMSN means that as soon as the build validation tests (BVT/UnitTests) are run from our SDCBuild script all the developers are MSN Instant Messaged with the number of failed tests and a link to the HTML Unit Test result file - this really is cool as many of our devs have Smartphones or PDA's with MSN Messenger clients so there is no escape!

I have bundled up this MBUnit Result Parser application with SendMSN into BuildUtilities.NET, download it here. The full source and debug build is in the zip and I would strongly recommend you look at the Readme.txt in the Docum…