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Orb 2.0 beta released

Find out more here...

It's been AJAX'ed up and is looking really nice...

"Orb 2.0 is all about MyCasting - Be your own producer:Create channels out of your music, photos, videos, and television."

What's Orb? It allows you to stream your recorded and live TV, music, pictures, videos from your PC to any other IP connected device (PDA, Smartphone, Laptop, another PC) cool is that? Very very very cool that's how cool!

Check out these posts on it if you've never heard of Orb....

My Orb blog post
Scotts Orb blog post

Riding the Z-Wave...

So finally I've got round to buying some new gadgets...and this time its the long awaited attempt at home automation using Z-Wave devices.

Why Z-Wave and not X10?
Tricky choice...Z-Wave uses RF and a mesh network approach with command confirmation - this is the primary reason for going for Z-Wave - rock solid control. Each Z-Wave module is not only a receiver but a repeater too; this means that the controller sends the command to any module in range and it passes it on to any other modules nearby until the command eventually reaches the intended module and vice-versa for the command confirmation response. By "in range" and "nearby" I mean about 30 metres (100ft) The more modules you have the more resilient and robust the command messaging becomes and the messaging is very quick too.

I'd read a lot about X10 and was really impressed by its support for almost anything you want to do; Z-Wave in the UK is poorly supported in terms of variety of modules, currently …

Blinking 'ell!

(via Gizmodo)

OMG....I've seen it all now...indicators for your ears to avoid those little "which way are you going shuffles"... how ridiculous!

Configuration in .Net 2.0

11-Dec-2007 Update
I've updated this post to fix the broken images and replaced them with inline text for the example xml and accompanying C# code. This post has been by far the most hit on this blog and along with the comments about the missing images I thought it was time to update it!

Whilst recreating the examples below I zipped up the working source code and xml file and loaded this onto my Project Distributor site - please download it to get a full working custom configuration to play with! Just click on the CustomConfigExampleSource link on the right hand side, then the "Source" link to get the zip.

We are in the process of converting our codebase to .Net 2.0. We've used Enterprise Library to great effect so decided that we should continue with this in the form of the Jan 2006 release which targets 2.0 and I've got the job of porting our Logging, Data Access etc wrappers to EntLib 2.0.

...And so far so good - the EntLib docs aren't bad and the migration se…