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Must have Smartphone application, TomTomMobile

I've previously blogged about TomTom Mobile for the C500 smartphone. I've upgraded to the latest version (5) and I believe the new features and improvements make this an absolutely brilliant application for the SmartPhone...a killer application in fact!

First up a few notes on installing the software. As I previously had v4 installed on a 256mb min-SD I was slightly puzzled as I read the instructions for installing this application "upgrade". The upgrade came on a 128 mini-SD (adapter to SD included) but there was no obvious instructions on how you would get the new software onto my existing larger capacity card.

Now I'm not the sort of user that needs these type of instructions but I think that as an upgrade it's a) very likely that the existing installation is on a larger size memory card and b) other applications and data will be unavailable if you just follow the quick guide and put the new card some better instructions on the more like…