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Developers have Friday "playtime"?

I've observed an interesting trend from my download statistics on my main open source project, MonitorWang...that downloads often increase on a Friday.

What can we infer from this?

Developers have some down time to look at "other" stuff on Friday? Interesting to know how official this is or just people getting bored with the humdrum stuff and looking for something interesting to do at the end of the week?

MonitorWang's official birthday is 8th August when I first uploaded it to codeplex however it was in conception & development way before that so it's almost a year old. It's racked up over 1000 downloads and I've got some big plans for it to be revealed shortly. More importantly I'm starting to get feedback and success stories of it in use which is the icing on the cake - 1000 downloads means nothing if it's not of value to someone!

Thanks to everyone that has helped shape & contribute to it, in particular Rob Gibbens and David Strickland…

MonitorWang v1.0.8 released

It's taken a while to get this one out - mainly due to a combination of sunny weather and a series of Bank Holidays (and the odd beer festival!).

MonitorWang v1.0.8 is released!

This is a big release - several bug fixes and rebuilds against the latest 3rd party libraries, Magnum, TopShelf and NServiceBus plus a major new feature - AppStats (all the details here including the Etsy inspiration behind it).

Comments and feedback welcome (via the codeplex discussions page)