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All you'll ever need to SEO...

One of the big topics on our project is SEO - luckily we have an SEO ninja called Glyn and he's going to be revealing and rounding up some of the SEO magic that makes or breaks a site.

Check out Glyn's blog for more useful SEO information. I've been doing my own reading and can recommend this book - ok, it's a year old which is a looonnng time in web terms but it's got a good approach and walks you through things very clearly.

A day in the life of a Programmer v1.0 :)

Google Maps CV...genius!

I'm working on some personal projects that involve geolocation, mapping & location based smarts - so this use of Google Maps is sheer brilliance!

Ed's CV has 954 hits as of 13:21 9th Mar 2010 - let's check back on this number later on - this story is sweeping the blog-o-sphere...I'd expect a couple of zero's on the end shortly.

Update: 13,453 hits @22:25 10th Mar 2010

Announcing FluentGeoApi - a C# wrapper to

I'm pleased to make public the fruits of my late nights....FluentGeoApi!

I previously mentioned that I am working on a private/personal project - well it's got an element of geolocation to it and after a bit of internet research I found In order to interact with GeoAPI I decided to write a fluent style wrapper over the top of it and I've just released v1.0.0.0, a .Net 3.5 C# library to take the pain out of making REST calls and dealing with the GeoJson wire format used by GeoAPI. It's not 100% coverage of the API but I plan on getting there ASAP...however I've implemented Create/Modify/Delete a user entity, Simple and Keyword Search which is enough to release it.

If you are working with geolocation data/features in your .Net application I would check out - I've been really impressed with what if offers (and if you hit the api < 20,000 times a day it won't cost you a penny!) - hopefully you'll also consider using FluentGeoApi to…