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Round up v0.2

Another round up of some of the best bits I've seen in the blog-sphere recently.



Really getting into these blogs. The best bit is that the guys are all speaking from experience...

How to Doom your IT operations in 3 easy steps

Classic Technical Lead Blunder

Unit Testing Business Logic without Tripping Over the Database

Udi Dahan
I really like this guys take on SOA. A great blog with some down to earth views on software architecture

SOA…so what!

The one where Udi *really* gets fired up…LOL


.NET tools round up (via Larkware)

.NET validation framework (DBC) – interesting implementation using attributes

Nifty tip on ASP.NET 2.0 – how to take your app offline and redirect to a holding page in 1 simple step (via Larkw…