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MonitorWang v1.0.5 released

Just a quick note to say that I've released v1.0.5 of MonitorWang - all the details are here.

The main feature is "Growl Notification Finalisers" - these allow you to modify the Growl notification based on the result or result count plus you can easily write your own Finaliser to adjust the Growl Notification priority or message text based on your custom logic.

There is also a major bugfix to the Castle Interceptor logic that affects the Publisher Filters.

Enjoy - please report any problems via the "discussions" tab on the codeplex site.

MonitorWang v1.0.4 released

Big release this....

Added support for SQLite databasesAdded a check that captures energy usage data from an Owl Energy MonitorAdded Publisher Filters to allow you to hook custom logic into the publication processAdded support for swapping between data sources for you Geckoboard Data Service ActivityPlus a refactor of the internal HealthCheck/Publisher mechanism (now uses the cool Magnum Pipeline components) More details on the v1.0.4 codeplex release page.