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My ideal Bootstrapper...

[Update 29-Apr-12] I've revisited Bootstrapper for a new project and it does register the StartupTasks in the IoC container and resolve them from there too (if you have your IoC extension before your StartupTasks) - this means any dependencies your StartupTask should be resolved. I don't know whether BootStrapper always did this or I was just too lazy to find it out - however with this feature you can pretty much disregard the following post!

[Original Post]
I like the Bootstrapper codeplex project - it's a nice clean approach to setting up your application....however...

I have a specific requirement to satisfy as part of my bootstrap process and I'm not sure if Bootstrapper can solve it. I'll be honest I thought it easier to write this post as I wanted to talk about my ideal Bootstrapper as well as someone hopefully telling me if Bootstrapper can do this or not!.

Lets say I have an IoC container that needs configuring - easily done with Bootstrapper.
I also have s…

Deployment - the final (.Net) frontier

[Update 19th Apr 2012] - mission complete!...v2.4.0 of Wolfpack has been released and this includes a new set of plugins that can automatically download a NuGet package then execute a deployment tool (eg: DropkicK, MSBuild.exe) - it can even run NUnit tests (via the console runner).

Wolfpack v2.4.0Wolfpack.Contrib.Deployment

[Original Post]
Another day, another project and deployment raises its head...

Thinking that this problem must have been cracked by now I had a look around the .Net landscape and found two interesting solutions.
Octopus Deploy - a .Net convention based deployment system using NuGet packages, loosely based on AppHarbour's approach.DropkicK (aka DK) - another awesome initiative from Dru Sellers et al. I like the simplicity of Octopus but also like DK's  fluent code based deployment.

Hmmm, this has got me thinking - Wolfpack could easily be adapted to be used as a deployment agent.

Wolfpack can already monitor a NuGet feed for new package releases and currently …