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Orange and the iPhone 4

I've been VERY critical of Orange lately.

They sweet talked me into 18 months of mobile hell with a "you don't want one of those iPhones, here's a great deal on a Windows Mobile that's just as good" patter...

Their website is completely mental and their client "portal" even more's a self-service thing that's never working and to cap it all cos I never used it (only once in a blue moon) they removed my account...

All is forgiven though...

They announced the "register your iPhone4 interest" across all the major uk carriers earlier in the month. That day I headed over to the Orange site - haha, there it is, a banner saying click I did and got a standard ASP.NET error page, it looked like no default document on the site..what if I try adding /register.aspx to the url?

Bingo - I'm in and have my "interest" registered.

Today I get an email from them saying as I'm a good customer that's just gone ou…

iPad...size matters

So, 10 days since getting my iPad 64GB/3G and what of it?

Well the only previous Apple product I own is an iPod 3rd gen - it's battered and bruised and not been touched for about 18 months now but I'm sure it will fire up just fine if I tried it.

I've never had an iPhone and barely played with one - 18 months ago when I decided I wanted one Orange talked me out of it with an amazing airtime deal (going from 120 to 1200 minutes a month for £4 less) combined with an HTC Diamond windows mobile device.

Based on my experience with the HTC - I've been very very very disappointed with it - the touch screen and gesture recognition are very poor and it's unbearably frustrating using when the jumbo iPhone - the iPad was announced I was thinking that this might finally be the start of my Apple journey...why though?

Well I read quite a lot of books so iBooks looked useful
A lot of technical info is available in PDF format so portable reading is a winner
Read a lot of b…