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That's DataWang...(Google Sets API)

Inspired by Mitchell & Webbs "NumberWang" I have created "DataWang"....

"DataWang is a .Net library that can generate useful, realistic data for use in the development/mocks/testing process.

Based on Google Sets, this library provides a .Net API over the Set functionality (by making http calls and parsing the html response). Google Sets currently does not expose a programmatic API - DataWang provides you with programmatic access to this API!

DataWang is a completely extensible framework for mock data generation. It is fully interface driven and all components are dependency injectable. You can provide your own implementations for any of the component interfaces should you wish to extend or modify its behaviour.

Google Sets often cannot generate the data you require - so DataWang will manufacture a list based on the results of making multiple Google Set calls - email addresses is a good example (a first name call + "@" + a domain name call). DataWang …