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BuildUtilities.NET - NAntService

NAntService - Description
This utility allows NAnt build scripts to be run automatically once created. To do this a Windows Service monitors for a .build file to be created in a specifiedfolder. Once the build file has been executed by NAnt it (and any other files in the folder) can be either archived to a datetime stamped folder or deleted.

Once the service detects the .build has been created it will wait for 10 seconds(configurable) before trying to execute the script - this allows for any files the script depends upon to be copied to the folder. You can also schedule when NAnt actually executes the script once it has been copied to the folder. Instead of it being instantly executed you can set a time for NAnt to execute it.

You can download the source code from ProjectDistributor.NET

If you find a use for this utility it would be great to hear from you! Suggestions, bug reports etc are welcome via the ProjectDistributor feedback pages or comments on this blog

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