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Unfuddle repository callback and

So as you may know I've started a personal project that I hope to turn commercial one day and I'm using Unfuddle to do the "project/development management" which includes a SVN repository.

I've got CruiseControl.Net setup to CI my code and it all works gloriously well but I was chatting to Glyn the bloke that put me onto Unfuddle and he mentioned that Unfuddle has a repository callback feature - rather than have CC.Net ping my Unfuddle SVN every 30 seconds to detect if a commit has occurred Unfuddle will POST details of the latest commit to the url you register as your callback - a much more efficient Pub/Sub approach.

Ok - so how to get a callback to trigger a CC.Net build? Easy!

Attempt 1
I Fiddlered the url that the CC.Net webdashboard calls when you press the "Force Build" button on a project - it looks like this, http://[yourserver]/ccnet/server/local/project/[yourproject]/ViewProjectReport.aspx?ForceBuild=ForceI entered this into the Unfuddle reposi…

The Programmable Web - some useful links

I'm starting my own commercial application - can't say too much other than it's going to be built from as much "off the shelf" code/components as possible to reduce the time to market. So I'm doing quite a lot of research into finding my "ingredients" - I'm sure they are out there and want to find them before I resort to rolling my own code and thought I'd post some links I've found.

Unfuddle - "Basecamp for developers. I've used Basecamp for nearly two years and like it a lot. It's got some issues but on the whole it's been stable, reliable and no bother to work with. However a colleague recommended Unfuddle as it offers a SourceCode repository (SVN or GIT) as part of its package so my new project is hosted at Unfuddle. Only scratched the surface with it but I like it - especially searchable wiki pages (notebooks) - unlike Basecamps "Writeboard" extension which are not indexed. - if you need to do an…

Customise your "Send To" menu when using Remote Desktop

I am a heavy user of Remote Desktop connections in my development work. Our development environment is hosted as virtual machines and access to all other environments is via Remote Desktop too.

I often have to transfer files between environments and security/firewalls usually mean there is no direct way to do this so I usually copy the file to down to my host machine running the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) then back up to the destination RDC. This involves right click the file, copy, find the host drive (or type \\tsclient\c), find the folder (usually rdctemp) then right click paste - phew...

Or...thanks to this link I have created a shortcut in the SendTo menu to my host drop folder (\\tsclient\c\rdctemp) on my source (developement) RDC (Win2k3) and can just file right click, SendTo->RemoteDesktopHost to copy the file down to the Host PC. On the desktop of the destination RDC I have another shortcut to the same location (\\tsclient\c\rdctemp) that then allows me to quickly acc…