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Round up

A quick round up of things I've encountered/installed/experienced etc over the last month or so - no time to delve into any of these as work is incredibly busy at the moment so here goes...

FolderShare (via Scott Hanselman)
Allows you to share files between computers seemlessly. A very small client is installed on each PC and all you have to do is nominate a folder on each PC (to create a library) and then drop some files into the folder and hey presto...they are synched across to the other PC. The great thing is that this works bi-directional over the web so home and work PCs can be in sync with out resorting to emailing or ftp....4/5

Media Centre
Hauppage Nova-T USB2 tuner
My MCE2005 setup had a single tuner so a bit of research on the web and I ordered a Hauppage WinTV Nova-T USB2 digiview tuner to compliment its PCI sibling I already had installed. Very simple installation using drivers from the Hauppage MCE support page and MCE picked up the second tuner no problem and configured it. If you have a single tuner MCE get a second tuner - you will be amazed at the improvement in experience you get...I'm amazed how often I put up with the limited nature of a single tuner MCE...5/5

WebGuide 3.0 for MCE2005 (thanks Keni!)
This freebie addin for MCE simply rocks! Anyone in the UK waiting for MSN Record to be released MUST install this! Remote scheduling and guide access from the web for your MCE with support for PPC and Smartphone!....and not only scheduling but LAN based access to download or play recorded shows on another PC (you will need a DVD codec installed on non MCE PCs though - I use PowerDVD 6)....6/5!

Newsgator MCE Addin
Read your Newsgator Online subscriptions within MCE. You need to activate an account in NGO then look at your subscriptions page - there is a link to download the software from the MCE section. Bit buggy but it works after a fashion. To Pretty simple install but I've yet to give it a read test far 2.5/5

BensHouse - MCE addin list
Very thorough list of addins available for MCE - well worth a browse...3/5

HTC Wizard
Gimme, gimme, gimme!


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