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And another thing...

One thing I seem to be doing recently is pruning my RSS feeds...I hope its not like the arboreal equivalent where you prune to promote growth, I'm tring to cut back on the amount of stuff I can get to comfortably cope with during the day without interfering with work!

This post introduces the "Attention" concept and the next big thing, "filters". I do think that people will suddenly realise they don't have time to actually read/sift through the 50/100/1000+ feeds. Identifying the quality posts within feeds, especially aggregator type feeds is difficult.

The real difficulty is that you don't want to filter out too much because you don't get the opportunity to see new and exciting things that would usually be outside your "filter" criteria. For instance, this looks amazing fun, "Pillow Fight Club" (via The Cool Hunter) but not in a million years would you have filter to capture something random like this.

I use desktopsidebar as it has an RSS reader continually "revolving" content - so I can scan posts while I'm waiting for something to compile, run, open or copy - and every so often you get a couple of gems like these,

Hand Gesture recognition library (via MAKE blog) - This got me really excited for some reason - I was buzzing with ideas after I saw the videos of it in action. Control TV with hand gestures? VR your home automation set up? gesture the curtains closing?

Talking of which, in true Minorty Report style, check this link (via Gizmodo) out to be totally amazed at how we will interact with computers and information in the near future. Although to be honest, as one commenter points out, what will it actually be good for? Moving blobby shapes around the screen..great, I do that all day, not!

Ok, on to more realistic stuff. Voice control your MCE2005 set up...sounds very cool to me. However some past experience with other voice control gadgets has not been good. A common problem is the "trigger" phrase can be picked up from background noise, even TV audio and its very annoying to have it go into command mode all by itself! I'd love to try this product but I don't want to have a headset on, or microphone I have to be near, so I found this array microphone. So - total cost of this gadget would be about $450, say £275 and it could be a complete waste of money (although I think this guy had the previous version). I'm not biting yet - maybe I'll see it in action at the Smart Home Show? Anyone out there with a higher money/sense ratio care to share their experience of this product?

I personally think that touch screen tablets will make a big impact in the control of MCE/Home Automation products. Already we have a (re?)launch of a Smart Screen from Panasonic. I will be getting a Tablet PC to use as my wireless PC to roam the house for surfing, although this caught my eye for pure surfing needs, the Pepper Pad - a low cost, Linux based, splash proof, touch screen tablet, neat!


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First, some history... The advent of NuGet has revolutionised many many aspects of the .Net ecosystem; MyGet, Chocolatey & OctopusDeploy to name a few solutions building upon its success bring even more features to the table.

I also spotted that NuGet could solve a problem I was having with my OSS System Monitoring software Wolfpack; essentially this is a core application framework that uses plugins for extension (Wolfpack Contrib) but how to unify, standardise and streamline how these plugins are made available? NuGet to the rescue again - I wrapped the NuGet infrastructure (I deem NuGet to be so ubiquitous and stable that is has transcended into the software "infrastrucuture" hall of fame) with a new OSS project called Sidewinder. Sidewinder allows me to wrap all my little extension and plugins in NuGet packages and deploy them directly from the Wolfpack application - it even allows me to issue a new version of Wolfpack and have Wolfpack update itself, sweet huh?


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v2 is here, now with added colours! This time using the RAG Numbers widget to display your date countdown - as you get nearer the date the number will change from green to amber then red.

The new url is:!
Note 1: notice the new /rag/ path and the msg querystring param.
Note 2: the original v1 url still works

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Required querystring params
date: "yyyy-mm-dd" format, this is the target date to countdown totz: timezone offset in hours from GMT that you are in. Can be negative if you are behind GMT
Optional querystring params
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[Update 18th July 2013]
@RobGibbens and Greg Hurlman picked up on this - Rob pointed out that there is an FxCop rule that can do this and Greg suggested a Visual Studio extension. I've had a quick look at the Visual Studio options and it looks like an "Editor Extension" is a good fit....hmmm, Project New, click...doh...dammit I really don't have time for this but it looks a fun little diversion! I'll update here if I get anything working.

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Had an interesting idea for a Visual Studio Resharper add-in the other day but don't have the time to implement it so thought I would put it out might already exist (and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction) or someone will build it (Darren Voisey where are you?!).

The idea is very simple really - when you have a variable for an object that implements IDisposable it gets highlighted or a tell-tale is displayed to let you know it should be disposed or should be wrapped in a using sta…